MEL Brooks is to make a comedy-horror film about an insane pizza delivery man. The film centres on a man wrongfully sent to prison who decides to take revenge by getting a job as a pizza deliverer and committing murders. Brookss regular collaborator Steve Haberman will be directing from a script by Rudy De Luca. The acting legend told Fangoria: When they told me the plot of Pizzaman, I said, 'Are you kidding? And they said, 'No, its a real great idea for a horror story. And they wrote a rather exciting, interesting script, and I worked with them a little bit on it. Its purely original, based on Rudy and Steves insane imagination. He continued: And sometimes there are problems, but sometimes there are unexpected victories, where a bad guy that we hate gets in his way. Just like in The Fly, when that tough bastard at the bar tries to break [Seth Brundles] arm and he easily shatters the other mans arm. Agencies