In an unambiguous message to the US not to commit the folly of attacking Pakistan, Chinese Vice Prime Minister Meng Jianzhu arrived in Islamabad yesterday as a show of support to the country. While talking to media he did not mince his words when he promised that China will not leave Pakistan in the lurch. Another important thing to note is that by sending a person of Mr Jianzhus stature, who is expected to become the countrys next Premier, Beijing has accorded us the highest level of support on the diplomatic front. The visit constitutes a stern warning to the US to stay within its limits. There is strong reason to believe that the US as a consequence will reconsider its approach towards Islamabad and would most probably be forced to put an end to its sabre-rattling. It is clear that it cannot afford to flirt with the idea of taking on a country like Pakistan that has the all-out support of China especially at a time when its military is badly bogged down in Afghanistan. China is now willing to confront the US merely to protect us, which again confirms that it is our time-tested and all-weather friend even though in the recent past the Musharraf regime tried to lick Uncle Sams boots at the cost of relations with Beijing. That China has helped us in the nuclear field and its military cooperation manifested in the production of JF-17 Thunder jet has considerably strengthened our defence. Indeed the scope of mutual cooperation is vast to say the least. But still it is a shame that our leadership tends to look up to the US drooling over its aid largesse, which definitely means it is self-centred and corrupt. It is now finally time for our political parties, military top brass as well as foreign policy circles to realise that our survival in the present day world is linked to our friendship with China rather than the US that has invariably used every opportunity to stab us in the back.