As if ISI bashing by the United States was not enough, India has also decided to jump into the fray. Indian External Affairs Minister, S. M Krishna has, in an interview to Wall Street Journal, accused Pakistani top intelligence agency, ISI of supporting Taliban against the NATO and ISAAF forces. Krishna said: What US has realised about ISI double crossing was what New Delhi was trying to bring home to Americans for long. He also justified Indian presence in Afghanistan arguing that it was not to encircle Pakistan but an attempt to find a lasting solution to Afghan crisis. Krishna later met with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and expressed his pleasure over the reports that US was fully aware of ISIs role regarding Haqqani Network. The Minister of External Affairs of India would be well-advised to stay out of US-Pak row since New Delhis role in this war-torn country is known to the world at large. Everyone knows how it has been using its consulate offices along the Pak-Afghan border for fanning insurgency in Balochistan besides supplying arms and funding to anti-Pakistan elements. India has no role in Afghanistan nor should it try to reserve one for itself. People of Afghanistan are fully aware of Indias dirty role that it played in favour of former Soviet Union when Afghan Jihad was being fought.