Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani warned United States on Tuesday that continued accusations of playing a double game in the war on militancy only risked fanning anti-Americanism in his country. Gilani, speaking in an interview with a foreign news agency, also said any unilateral military action by the United States to hunt down militants of the Haqqani network inside Pakistan would be a violation of his country's sovereignty. Relations between Washington and Islamabad have deteriorated sharply following last week's blunt allegations by the U.S. joint chiefs of staff that Pakistan's military intelligence agency was linked to militants who carried out a September 13 attack on the U.S. embassy in Kabul. "The negative messaging, naturally that is disturbing my people," Gilani said in the interview. "If there is messaging that is not appropriate to our friendship, then naturally it is extremely difficult to convince my public. Therefore they should be sending positive messages."