IF youre struggling to control your weight, dont blame the food blame the kitchen. A scientific study has found we are three times more likely to eat the first edible item we see at home than the fifth. So if a healthy salad is first in the line of vision, we are much more likely to have it for dinner than if the ingredients for it are stored at the back of the fridge behind a pile of fattening ready-meals. Brian Wansink, professor of nutritional science at Cornell University in New York, said that where our food is stored has a huge effect on how much we consume. His team took pictures of more than 100 kitchen cupboards and asked their owners to keep diaries of what they ate. They then took another 100 participants and moved around the contents of their cupboards in different ways, examining the effects on what they said they ate. Professor Wansink said: 'We found a really strong tendency towards the food which is visible. If you put your least healthy food at the front of the cupboard or refrigerator, thats the one you are most likely to eat. MO