I personally feel that the interest recently shown by Governor Punjab in the construction of Kalabagh dam is a sheer ploy engineered for political gains in the province. Cleverly initiated, this move has misled Dr. Yaqoob Muhammad Bhatti also who has in haste praised the Governor in one of his letters published the other day. Lets make no mistake that this mega project which has since long been swept under the carpet can resurface only in case President Zardari acquiesces. But, for self-serving reasons he has till now maintained stony silence on this vital issue. It is likely that he voices his concern in case the ANP and the vested interests in Sindh abandon their unholy intransigence against construction of the Kalabagh Dam. The ANP will continue to vehemently resist its construction until India gives its nod. Only God knows who is pulling the Sindhis strings when this dam is sure to make their pastures greener in the years to come and save them from terrible droughts. Since, the existing status-quo suits the Presidents varied interests, he wouldnt want to disturb it although the country is faced with impending crises, the shortage of water and power being among the major ones. In one of my earlier letters also I had proposed that it is advisable, under the circumstances, that the President invokes the Supreme Courts Advisory Jurisdiction and send a Reference to it for its advice. Since the expected full bench will comprise of judges from all the Provinces, it will not be easy for the objectors and other Provinces to turn down its advice, given after hearing all the parties. Any comments, Dr. Bhatti on this proposal? FAROOQ ZAMAN, Lahore, September 26.