LAHORE At least six militants, but this time in police uniforms carrying wireless sets, struck another commercial bank branch here in the Punjab Capital in broad daylight and fled away after snatching Rs 3.5 million, police sources said on Monday. The brazen bank robbery which took place in Faisal Town area on early Monday is said to be the 8th such incident since April this year as the police investigators have baldy failed to make any breakthrough in all such cases yet. Police sources said that six men clad in police uniforms forced their entry into the branch of a private bank located near Maulana Shaukat Ali Road in Faisal Town police vicinity on Monday morning. As the 'policemen entered the bank, they took out guns and held up the bank staff and visitors. Two of the gunmen captured the security guard and knocked him out with the butt of the pistols. The guard fell down on the ground screaming as blood started squirting out of his nose and head while dacoits collected Rs 3.5 million from the cash-counter and fled away from the crime scene quite easily. The gangsters were well-trained and organised as they carried out the entire 'operation within 10 to 15 minutes and escaped while firing warning shots into the air, creating panic in the busy area during rush hours. Police officials said the dacoits also took away the gun of the security guard along with them. The security has been shifted to a local hospital with serious injuries. The police later reached the spot after considerable delay and collected left-over evidences from the crime scene. The bank management handed over the video-footage to the police, expecting that it could help investigators trace the bandits. The police have registered the case and are investigating with no arrest made so far. On September 15, at least six gunmen, said to be associated with a banned militant outfit linked to Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), had struck a commercial bank and fled away after collecting Rs four million during daylight in Chuhng police area. A top police officer believed that all the six bandits were Pushtun militants linked to TTP as the investigators are repeatedly examining the video footage taken from the CCTV cameras. The modus operandi suggest that the same gang is behind all the bank dacoities which took place in Lahore during the last couple of months, the officer said, adding: The faces of the gangsters could be seen clearly in the video clips. Security experts say the militants collect cash to carry out terror-attacks by using all means including bank dacoities. Ironically, despite being given proof in the shape of video clips, the cops are still clueless about the gangs involved such heinous crimes. The bandits collected Rs 4 million from the bank and fled away after locking the main gate from outside with a wire lock. According to the police record, dacoits looted no less than eight braches of different banks situated in Township, Mozang, Chuhng, Factory Area, Iqbal Town, City Raiwind, Walled city and Faisal Town police precincts since April this year.