ISLAMABAD - Denying the crystal clear ever soaring gas shortage in the country, Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA), succumbing to the pressure of the Parliamentarians and Petroleum Ministry, has withdrawn imposed ban on new gas schemes, it was reliably learnt. Sources have informed that both Parliamentarians and Petroleum Ministry pressurised OGRA to remove the imposed ban before next general elections ,otherwise, members of Parliament would bear severe public pressure which might deprive them of public support resultantly major chunks of votes. They were of the view that line losses would ultimately also add woes and worries to the over burdened consumers. Bowing down in front of continuous pressure from above said both factors,OGRA has removed the imposed ban, the sources added. Documents available with this scribe revealed that OGRA has issued notification on September 21st, 2011 in this regards against its own previous decision of May 24th. Mansoor Muzaffar, Member Gas (OGRA) while talking to The Nation confirmed that OGRA has notified in this regard and further clarified that there was no ban on going gas schemes. He further said that imposed ban was also not favourable for the Parliamentarians. It is to important to note here that on May 24th, OGRA imposed ban with a stand that before provision of gas to new towns and villages through new gas schemes, it would be necessary for both Sui Northern Gas Company Limited (SNGPL) and Sui Southern Gas Company Limited (SSGC) to ensure 100 per cent gas supply to present consumers. Industrial, commercial, and domestic consumers in the country are already facing severe gas shortage so that ban would be imposed on new gas schemes during current financial year. Additionally, according to OGRA decision, in the name of distribution development, SNGPL would pay more than Rs 8 billion and SSGC would pay also excessive amount of Rs 8 billion. It is worth mentioning that SNGPL, in its own region, would extend up to 5,000km in its Distribution System while SSGC, in its own region, would further expand up to 3,000km. Again, distribution system of SNGPL has been stretched up to 80,000km which is a unique example in the whole world.