This is with reference to Dr Muhammad Yaqoob Bhattis letter on Kalabagh in which he had suggested it be named as Benazir Dam. It will be ironical if Kalabagh Dam is named after the person who was mainly responsible for stymieing the project. According to a file on Kalabagh Dam in the Punjab irrigation department, "Tenders for International Competitive Bidding had already been issued in 1986 when the Project had to be put on the back burner because of the controversies which emerged on the political front". This was when Benazir Bhutto returned to Pakistan and started opposing Gen Zia on everything under the sun, including Kalabagh Dam. She had said, Sindh will become a desert if Kalabagh Dam is built. This turned the whole of Sindh and half of Punjab against the Dam, which is the sole reason why no government has been to make any progress on it. KHURSHID ANWER, Lahore, September 25.