oUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE A solo-show painting works portraying the Eastern culture, focusing the marriage events by a young artist Shahzad Zar will open on (Tuesday) today at The Collectors Galleria, Alhamra Cultural Complex, Gaddafi. Shahzad Zar is based from Karachi and had been trained by famous artist of the country S Ali Imam. Shahzad has exhibited his works in more than 40 solo and group shows till now in different art galleries of Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore. The recent exhibition of Zar is displaying extravaganza of wedding ceremonies. He beautifully used mix mediums on both paper and canvas. Zar has chosen the loosely woven theme of 'Shadi as his subject, his notion of every girls dream and involving an excuse for competitive extravaganza, portrays here with elephants. In his imagery the animals decorate the background, while the elegantly outlined bridal forms are representative, colorfully decked and without identifying features. In some pieces, the form is outlined on negative space, standing out amid the playful symbolism of the surrounding coloration. These mixed media works may be interpreted in several ways, perhaps highlighting the traditional prodigality of events, or simply taking the opportunity of incorporating diverse components juxtaposed with fine linear elements. Zar has experimented with enthusiasm, introducing in the work colorful collage of wallpaper, prints and colored paper, ink and acrylic paint to emphasize the subject as he doffs his cap to schools of miniature art. In the work his reference to miniature art is fanciful inducting the elephant image as an ancient emblem of the countrys soil, first documented on seals found in Mohenjodaro, and long considered the prerogative of royalty. Zars work reveals a cultural dimension of experimentation and curiosity; discovery leads him on an absorbing ongoing journey. His imagery is far from a literal representation; it appears to emerge from the animation of perception, employing fine webs of color, delicate lines, patterns and modulated brush strokes on canvas and paper surfaces, while allowing full reign to his inherent joy in color and design Sahzads paintings show the happier and colorful side of a wedding. These paintings are actually mixed media with gold leaf, silver leaf, pen, pencil, acrylic paint, oil paint, and collage techniques are all employed. The intricate backgrounds and borders were inspired by the henna that brides and women close to both the bride and groom apply to their hands and feet.