ISLAMABAD - Federal Ombudsperson for Protection of Women Against Harassment at Workplace has imposed one hundred thousand rupees fine to Station Manager of Pakistan International Airlines on the charges of sexual harassment of Passenger Services Officer of his office. Fifty thousand rupees will be given to the complainant as compensation. A Passenger Service Officer posted at PIA Islamabad office had submitted an appeal against the Station Manager Asad Hameed Baig stating that the Station Manager tried to sexually harass her and on failure he threatened her of severe consequences. She further stated that she submitted written complaint of the event to Harassment Committee of his office but the committee exonerated Asad Hameed Baig. Federal Ombudsperson got complete record of the inquiry proceedings of the committee. The complainant and the accused were given proper time to prove their point of view. Examining, complete record statements of the complainant and the accused, the Federal Ombudsperson Ms Musarrt Hilali in her short order, imposed fine of one hundred thousand rupees to Asad Hameed Baig on finding him guilty of sexual harassment. Detail decision will be released later on.