OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE A resolution has been moved in the Lahore High Court Bar Association against the American threats to Pakistan as well as against 'weak government which is incapable of giving a befitting response to American hostile approach towards the country. The General House of the Bar will consider and vote on the resolution on Tuesday (today). The resolution has been moved by advocate Liaquat Ali Qureshi with the support of a large number of Bar members. The mover has said that American threats to Pakistan are not new rather they have always been given to 180 million people of Pakistan whose honour, life and property have constantly been at risk by that. And our 'weak democratic has never rose to the occasion to give equal response to the American threats safeguarding our national interest and integrity. Despite all that the mover and the supporters of the resolution have committed every backing to the government at this hour in giving proper reply to the American threats for the sake of protecting the motherland and the nation and their honour. They said the whole Pakistan nation wants to live with honour without coming under pressure from America or any other country.