LAHORE The National College of Arts (NCA) remained 'closed on the first day after summer and dengue vacations, as the students staged protest demonstrations and boycotted the classes against the termination of their four teachers by the principal of the college. The four contractual teachers of the college including Assistant Professors Arfan Ghani and Aqeel Kazmi of Architect Department and Associate Professors Maryam Hussain and Laila Rahman of Fine Arts Department have been terminated by the NCA principal Mr Bashir and notices were served to them on September 21, 2011. A good number of the students of NCA on Monday demanded restoration of their teachers and withdrawal of notices of termination. They chanted slogans in favor of teachers. They were holding placards inscribed with their demands. They said they will continue boycott of classes till the restoration of their teacher. Meanwhile, the terminated teachers address a press conference at Lahore Press Club. They demanded removal of current officiating Principal Bashir Ahmed. They said he was put in position against existing rules and regulations which stated that appointment to acting principal be made on seniority or merit. They demanded that the new acting principal be appointed according to the rules and regulations in the transparent manner. They further demanded that the illegal order of terminating the contracts of faculty members be withdrawn immediate. They said that the current process of the selection of the new principal of the NCA be abrogated and a new transparent process be started in complete accordance with college rules and regulations. On the occasion, the teachers showed a paper with the signatures of good number faculty members of NCA, inscribed with solidarity remarks.