Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, the world knows that you are a man of peace, not just for the sake of peace, but you want to use peace as a vehicle for eradicating ignorance, hunger, poverty and disease, which has become a fait accompli for the millions of poor, not only in Pakistan, but for the dwellers of the entire SAARC region.

In order to ensure that your message and vision is known to all, it is imperative that besides meeting the Indian PM in closed doors, for exchange of views in a typical diplomatic ambience, you should also directly talk with India from the rostrum of the UNGA; and tell the world at large if India wants to be with us in bringing peace to the region. The main points can be that if both the countries decide to become friendly then this should be in the true sense of the word.

India can show magnanimity, as the largest democracy and not expect Pakistan to stretch beyond its capacity. Let India support Pakistan in its fight against terrorism by closing about a dozen consulates which they have established along Pak-Afghan border, inside Afghanistan. This will also prove Indian intentions and desire, towards authentic peace with Pakistan. Let both the countries withdraw their forces from the borders, without any fear. Let India remove all non-tariff barriers against Pakistani imports in India. Let both the nations join hands to wage a war against poverty, hunger, disease and illiteracy. Let us turn this subcontinent into a bastion of peace and a heaven on earth. India and Pakistan just need a period of single decade of genuine peace, to turn around its fortunes and to emerge as the most potent economic and cultural power house of the world. The only condition is genuine and authentic peace, like the one which exists between the EU countries.

Failure in promoting genuine peace between the two countries is not an option; rather both the countries cannot sustain for long, under the policy of low intensity hostilities, or ‘no war no peace’ situation. We wish you best of luck in your endeavors to make this region a bastion of peace.


Lahore, September 25.