Bilawal Zardari the last of the indirect decedents of the so-called great Bhutto’s left the country and did not contest in the elections as he was not of age. A foreign educated and bred son of President Asif Zardari could never relate to Pakistan and its people who have been left in a lurch by the PPP government. In his article titled ‘Democracy is the best revenge, President Zardari's Legacy’ published in the Huffington Post, Bilawal Zardari writes "Mark my words, history will remember President Zardari as one of the greatest and most successful leaders the country has ever seen".

With his limited and tunnel vision he gives reasons and quotes issues to substantiate this idea, anyone not living in Pakistan may believe this easily but the ground realities are far from his rhetoric’s published in a foreign newspaper. May we, the common people of Pakistan, ask the delusional Bilawal to get in touch with street reality and ask anyone about the legacy his father has left behind? Energy crises that have crippled the country, terrorism, corruption, and destruction of such giant government organizations such as Pakistan railway, PIA, PSM, OGDC and WAPDA, all sacrificed at the altar of the Presidents ego. The answers will most likely put him to shame, if he ever gets out of his armored cars and houses to meet the common man, and has any decency left.


Islamabad, September 25.