The government had welcomed the talks offer by Taliban and had initiated negotiations but the Upper Dir attack by Taliban which claimed the lives of a Major General, a Colonel and a soldier raised questions about the sincerity of these peace talks. The recent two blasts in Peshawar, killing many Christians has added fuel to the fire. Many people now think that the government and the Army are not on the same page regarding talks with Taliban, but we have some clear statement from our COAS Gen Kayani who said that peace should be given a chance, but the conditions Taliban have put cannot be accepted.

The Army has lost the most in this WOT and is now is willing to hold talks and bring peace to Pakistan but on the terms of government. Therefore the entire nation should standby the Army and government whatever step they take to bring peace in the country, people should not pay any attention to negative reports spread by foreign or national media, who only want to sabotage peace process in Pakistan and want to create a rift between the government and the Army and public and Army. We need unity to foil every kind of conspiracy against peace in Pakistan.


Islamabad, September 22.