It was depressing to watch an interview of a taxi driver on TV who expressed his grave concern for lack of quality education for his children. He had no hope, when he said that he expected his son to be a taxi driver and his coming generation to go on being poor labourers, as there was no opportunity to improve in a Pakistan which does not provide education. Have our elected leaders forgotten that education is the most important element of progress for a nation? The Holy Prophet (SAS) throughout his life highlighted the value of education and so did his followers. Education brings prosperity, progression and humanity.

This is what Imran Khan is fighting for. Whoever rules the government must take executive decision and enforce one syllabus in all schools, be they government run or private schools. All tuition centres must be shut down as they have ruined the standard of education. Both the teachers and school administrations seem to be the partners in this crime as they exploit students and parents. School timing should be from 8am to 5pm, thus leaving no time for evening tuition or useless homework. The number of subjects should be four for primary, six for middle classes and eight for matriculation. Government and private schools must issue syllabus books free of cost and the books should remain in the school and be available for the next classes.

Government must ensure 100% participation of children, where the parents and notables get directly involved and ensure students regular attendance. The system must guarantee career planning and job confirmation. Education is the only remedy for all ills. Imran Khan or Nawaz Sharif – whoever is in power, no one can provide successful governance unless the education system is reformed and implemented in letter and spirit.


Rawalpindi, September 24.