The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia on Friday evening kicked off three-day 2nd Indonesian Film Festival 2014 to celebrate the new Indonesian government in Indonesia.

The festival was inaugurated by the Indonesian Ambassador Burhan Muhammad in the presence of the diplomats, government officials, businessmen and people from cross sections of the society showing their keen interest in the event.

A selection of three movies with titles “Jokowi”, “Obama Anak Menteng” and “Tanah Surga Katanya” are being screened at the festival that gives a glimpse to the cultural and social aspects of the developing Indonesian society and the people who set a precedent and achieved eminence from anonymity through their uphill struggle, steadfastness and character. The festival also highlights diverse ideas, techniques and potential of the modern film making in Indonesia.

In his welcome remarks Ambassador Burhan Muhammad said that film is an important medium to enhance cultural understanding of any society as it is very close to human life and emotions. The envoy made special reference to the film Jokowi which depicts the life of the President-elect Joko Widodo.

The movie featured the festival on its inaugural day. Joko Widodo is the newly elected president of the Republic of Indonesia and will officially assume the office as the president on 20th October 2014 for a period of next five years. Jokowi has a unique personality with a humble background.

He belongs to the working class of the rural area and is being very popular among the ordinary Indonesian citizens. This is the first time Indonesians elected a president who is not from the elite class.

The story inspiringly reveals the struggle of “Joko” who starts his journey from the rural Indonesia to emerge as a national leader to create a new history.

The second movie titled as “Obama Anak Menteng” (Little Obama) is a movie on the early childhood days of the US President in Indonesia. The US President Barrack Obama spent his early childhood period in Indonesia for about six years when he accompanied his mother, who worked as a social worker in Indonesia and married an Indonesian man. Obama Anak Menteng (also known as Little Obama) is a 2010 biopic drama film written and directed by Indonesian author Damien Dematra in collaboration with John de Rantau.  The movie “Tanah Surga Katanya” (Land of Haven) will be screened on the last day of the festival on 28th September 2014. The film is about a former conflict zone volunteer in 1965 who lived with his solitude.

The audience rejoiced some of the best films made in Indonesia brought forth to promote education and cultural understanding among Pakistani movie enthusiasts. They appreciated the talent and potential of the Indonesian cinema and praised the Embassy for hosting such a lively event with the mesmerising and inspirational movies.