PARIS: Kim Kardashian, 33, hasn’t had the warmest welcome at Paris Fashion Week. The fashionista and reality star got caught up in a scary scuffle as she stepped out of her car to hundreds of screaming fans. Kim was attacked by one fan, and almost pushed to the ground When Kim stepped out of her car at Paris Fashion Week, she was met by a fan who lunged at her and grabbed her legs, according to a video on TMZ. Kim, wearing a stunning Balmain dress, was shoved into the side of the car and quickly grabbed by a bodyguard, who pulled her to safety. Kim’s mom Kris Jenner, 58, stepped out of the car after Kim, and was shocked by the attack on her daughter.–HR

She yelled “stop it” as security attempted to subdue the man who attacked Kim. Others in the video could be heard saying “Oh my god” as the frightening situation went down.  Kanye West, 37, got out of the car on the other side, where he was also met by screaming fans. We’re sure he was not happy with this attack on Kim. While Kim has not publicly commented on the situation yet, she has Instagrammed multiple photos of herself in Paris.! HR