KARACHI - Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Chief Altaf Hussain has put 14 questions to Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif about the behavior of paramilitary forces, rangers and the army towards his party.

Altaf Hussain said in a statement on Friday these questions echoed the sentiments of Mohajir community. He said Allah Almighty had bestowed upon Gen Raheel the highest and most powerful position in the country while no one would be exempted from reckoning on the Day of Judgment.

The MQM chief said 41 MQM workers had gone missing after the launch of the targeted operation in Karachi while the bodies of the MQM workers who died as a result of inhuman torture had been thrown in far-flung areas. He asked the army chief how many officers and men had been punished under the self-accountability process of the rangers for torturing MQM workers to death.

Referring to the Supreme Court’s verdict in the Karachi unrest case in which the bench had identified that several political and religious parties, including Awami National Party (ANP), Sunni Tehreek, Jamaat-e-Islami (JI), MQM, Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), and other sectarian groups, had militant wings, Altaf questioned him why only MQM leaders and workers were being targeted and subjected to raids and extra-judicial killings.

Raising a question over the events that took place in 1992 during a military operation in Karachi, Hussain asked why former chief of army staff late Gen Asif Nawaz had said Altaf Hussain’s chapter was closed. “Why had he said that if there were two or three groups in other political parties, why two or more groups could not be in MQM? Was it in conformity with the Constitution, law and the code of conduct of the army? If not, why did the army not punish Gen Asif Nawaz?” he questioned.

Hussain also mentioned the words and action of Brig Asif Haroon over blaming MQM for Jinnahpur. He also referred to the alleged torture and political assassination of his brother and nephew in 1995, who, according to him, were not affiliated with MQM.

He also asked the army chief if the security forces were allowed to racially and verbally abuse Urdu-speaking suspects when they raided their homes and accused them and their families of being Indian spies on account of their ethnicity.

Recently, the people belonging to certain political parties holding sit-ins in Islamabad stormed the building of Pakistan Television, said Hussain and asked why no one from the rangers could muster the courage to step forward and stop them from doing so.

Hussain also put another question whether the army and other law-enforcing agencies would react if MQM staged a sit-in in the red zone of Islamabad in a week’s time. The MQM chief requested the army chief to respond to his questions.