ISLAMABAD - Chief of Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT), Dr Tahirul Qadri, Friday refused to accept both joint investigation teams constituted to investigate the Model Town tragedy and killings of PAT workers during the Islamabad clash.

He categorically refused to accept the officials of the Punjab Police and Islamabad Police as members of the joint investigation teams. He whereas allowed the government to include two police officers in JITs but from other provinces and after due consultation with PAT.

Addressing participants of the Inqilab March, Dr Tahirul Qadri said, "We will only accept an unbiased JIT for investigating the killing of three PAT workers in Islamabad".

He explained that the JIT should comprise two officials each from ISI, MI, IB and the police. Qadri from the very first day is expressing no confidence and respect for the police. He in his past speeches as well had declared army the only respectable institution. During his speech, Qadri also criticized the release of Gullu Butt, a character that was filmed damaging public vehicles during the Model Town incident in Lahore. He lamented that today the Lahore Police has released Gullu Butt, whom the entire world had witnessed causing unrest in the Model Town.

He said that this Gullu Butt is the true face of the present PML-N government, adding that the present government orders the police to arrest the innocent people by storming into their houses at night time.

The PAT chief said today only Gullu Butts can survive here and do business, while a gentleman is forced to leave the country. He slammed the current rulers for declaring Islamabad sit-ins responsible for economic instability in the country, saying that the rulers rob the national wealth, place incompetent people at key posts and declare the sit-ins responsible for the outcomes of their wrongdoings.

The PAT chief said that millions of people have not been given basic facilities; patients are deprived of medicines, while the masses do not even have safe drinking water.

He inquired the rulers, is this bad governance also due to the Islamabad sit-ins.

Moreover, the PAT chief criticized PM Nawaz Sharif over his claims to get Dr Aafia Siddiqui released from US detention. He inquired the PM to elaborate what efforts he has made for her release after coming into power.