The elections of Students Council Members for the session 2014-15 were held here at Global System of Integrated Studies (GSIS) School and College on Friday.

The school remained a hub of colourful activities for four days where the war of nerves to win council seats made competition harder and innovative. The creativity of the students was a laudable sight. They prepared colourful posters of their respective parties like Banana Party, Container Party, Tarbooz Party, Gunners Party, Burger Party and Moustache Party.

During the four days campaign, the students of all sections chanted their party slogans: “Keep calm & vote, use your power for change, leaders live by choice not by accidents, vote for the change you deserve and use your power for good.” such ingenious activities made the event quite zealous. Speeches were made time to time for convincing the students and to propagate party agendas to grasp the vote bank on the polling day.

After peaceful and secret balloting Abdullah Zaib, Mustafa Baig and Haseeb were elected as Head Boys of A, O levels and FSC/Matric sections respectively, while Areej Abbasi, Asma Rasool and Ayesha Babar were elected as Head Girls of A, O levels and FSC/Matric sections respectively.

The students also voted for deputy head boys & girls, sectaries of events societies and six sports house captains and vice captains for boys and girls branches.

Principal GSIS Qurat-ul-Ain Ali Rizvi while congratulating newly elected members on the occasion said, “GSIS places a great deal of importance on students’ involvement in school and considers the role of the student council vital in this regard.”