After over 40 days of sit-ins of Dr Tahirul Qadri and Imran Khan in front of Parliament House, the participants of sit-ins have started acting like residing in a town as normal people and they have even started celebrating matrimonial ceremonies in the sit-ins, as three couples Friday tied the knot at sit-in of Pakistan Awami Tehreek.

The couples approached Dr Qadri and told him that they wanted to marry. Dr Qadri happily allowed the act. Marriage ceremonies were held at the back of his container and then they were called atop the container where Dr Qadri announced their marriage in front of his followers and the whole national and international media available at the spot.

Dr Qadri not only prayed on the occasion for their happy life but also gave them gifts. Two among the three girls got married in the sit-in were orphans and were sisters. Dr Qadri declared them his daughters.

In the recent days it was being discussed in the town that sit-in proved to be a good place for the couples to know each other and propose if they wanted to. Qadri whereas to dispel the impression that the couples started knowing each other during the sit-in said that they were already engaged and were supposed to be married. The families of the couples are followers of Dr Qadri and they were not the permanent participants of Qadri’s sit-in. Two of the three grooms belonged to Rawlapindi and one belonged to Talagang.

An untoward incident also took place during the Nikkah ceremony of the couples as a reporter of a private TV channel tried to capture the footage during the ceremony. PAT workers stopped him from doing so and when he was still found trying, they beat him and dragged him away from the location.