I have never voted in my entire life. For me, it was clear that nothing in this country would ever change. Over the years, I have arrived at this firm conclusion that my vote would never count either and I could never make any difference. More than that, I have never wished for my holiday to be spoilt with this misadventure. Never has it been my desire to sacrifice my day off for these masqueraders, loathsome people, creeps and mega looters of the highest order.

But something changed during 2013 elections and I broke my lifelong pact with myself and ventured out to vote for the first time ever. There was one man who was urging, exhorting and literally imploring upon everyone in a state of frenzy, across every media channel to go out and cast a vote. He struck a chord in my heart and I owe it to Imran Khan for compelling me to step outside my house and actually go out to cast a vote for Pakistan. Not that I am saying that I went to vote in his favour - this is a secret guarded by the ballot box alone. I stood for four hours in line waiting for my turn to get the blue ink smothered on my thumb. The endless wait and heat didn’t dampen my fervour. I had to return and then go back again waiting for another three hours before I could finally cast my vote.

Having accredited him with the charisma to persuade people to vote, Imran Khan has been going topsy turvy, since the time of elections. He converses in the cricket parlance and assumes that the political arena is his playground where he has been alluding to nuances from the cricket world. He can’t come up with better, more sophisticated analogies. His taglines and catch phrases are based on his sporting claim-to-fame and he banks on that entirely. He is indecisive as ever and remains to be so. It is appalling that being an Oxford graduate; it becomes evident that he hasn’t been reading any worthwhile books, lately. It has been more than six weeks now into his ‘Dharna’ and it is obvious from his antics that he hasn’t turned any pages of a decent political history or leadership book.

Though, I have been watching him on the television, speaking and addressing public and I must admit willy nilly, that I have begun to like him. In my estimation, apart from Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, no leader had the gumption to speak for the oppressed classes. No one barring him had the communist streak in them to stand up and represent the commoners, but today, after witnessing what Imran’s manifesto is advocating, I can say that, Imran Khan is shining through the riff raff that has harassed this country. Imran speaks with conviction. His passion flickers through his words. His speeches seem to carry an air of belief. He may continue to repeat his past rhetorics, or rest on the same laurels but he talks with a sense of honesty and a genuine interest in the future of Pakistan. He doesn’t seem to be nonplussed with the politicised institutes of state and seems to be far removed from playing at the hands of dubious powers like a puppet.

Imran Khan should not become the Prime Minister of this country. He is too much of a visionary to lead on a canvas like this. He is far better suited to chair his party and lead from that front, being a guiding force, steering the country in the direction it desperately needs to go to. He should follow the likes of Mao Zedong or Mohandas Gandhi who were visionaries in their own right and led reformatory movements at massive levels. Just like them, he depicts values and principles which were followed to transform the fates of nations.

It wouldn’t prove very fruitful, if he were to assume a ceremonial office. He needs to act as a beacon of light and guidance and he is best suited for that. He addresses the youth of the country and he speaks with such a glint in his eye that the masses could go riotous to achieve what he is pressing for!

Imran Khan, being indecisive by his very nature, though demanding the current Prime Minister’s resignation needs to understand the fine art of pushing ahead and retreating in the game of politics. If he were to withdraw from his stance, it would be suicidal for him; if he were to proceed it would still be a political demise for him. Imran needs to realise in politics there are plenty of alleys and by-lanes to take rather than being dicey or double minded about the chosen pathway. It is important for him to realise that there is a time to go forward and there is an opportune moment to back off. Imran needs to learn this fine balance. He must understand when to pause and take a breath. If only he indulges in some reading, he would be able to nurture a politically astute and savvy mind. I would like to recommend some books to him to read, such as ‘The leaders’ code’; ‘The leading minds’; and ‘The art of war’ by Sun Tzu. ‘The art of war’, has been Mao Zedong’s favourite book, which he used to keep by his bedside and would refer to it every now and then during his long march period. Imran Khan certainly heralds change. He is a harbinger of freedom from status quo. Imran you are a winner! You have won. Change has come!