What can be the role of education in a backward nation where the majority of people are illiterate? The Baloch nation is famous for being brave, hospitable, honest etc. But it can be easily observed that the government has failed to facilitate the Baloch in education. Only low quality education has been providing to students. 

Recently, a report came out in which is mentioned that almost 1.9 million young stars are out of the school, who are the victim of child labour. If today the Baloch nation does not know the importance of education then the credit goes to Balochistan education department and government of Pakistan. 

It high time that the Minister of Education and the CM of Balochistan as well as the Prime Minister of Pakistan realise that Balochistan is part of Pakistan. It is not the failure of the Baloch rather it is the failure of Pakistan. 


Turbat, September 11.