The climate of Sindh, though very suitable for food and fruit related agriculture, proves to be very harsh on the people specially in the summers. The scathing heat coupled with unending outages of power has made the lives of common people unbearable. The grim faces of people with their dried up lips, tell a significant story of the imprints put on them by the bitterness of weather and environmental decadence. The entire landscape of the province, barring negligible patches of greenery, paints a picture of a desolate environment. Not a single government in the past has taken this very crucial aspect of nature with seriousness, and as a result, Sindh lags far behind in the environmental context as compared to other provinces. 

Historically, the province had its share of sizeable forests and a huge trail of trees and plantation all around, as the province had fortunately established a very efficient canal and sub-canal system to feed the natural environment. Unfortunately, due to the lethargy and corruption in the relevant government departments added with unawareness of people, most of the natural forests and green belts have been destroyed or eliminated for ulterior motives. Now the province is gradually heading towards environmental devastation. The current government should ponder on this very critical issue and take some urgent measures for the revival of natural forests and start a campaign for the plantation of more and more trees, as is being done by the government of KP. An efficient yet accountable system must be established. 


Karachi September 25.