Islamabad - The hackers on Tuesday on Tuesday hacked the official website of International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) and left the message of “love” for its IT developers, said an official on Tuesday.

Despite having a large department of Computer Science and Software Engineering, the university failed in securing its official website from the approach of hackers. The official website of IIUI was hacked on Tuesday morning around 5am and remained in the control of the hackers for around two hours. The hackers stamped the word ‘Hacked’ on the logo of the university and left the message for the administration, teachers and students. An official wishing anonymity said that the university administration failed in recovering the hacked website and the hackers themselves restored it.

“It was humiliation for the administration that it failed in breaking the hackers net and they themselves restored the website,” said the official.

The official informed The Nation that the university administration last year had announced to install Campus Management System (CMS) in the university but it was shelved. The idea of CMS software project was conceived to automate the entire system of the university to make its data secure and safe but the internal politics has overshadowed the project.

“A committee was formulated to implement the CMS but a non-relevant professor, not from the department of IT, was made its head,” said the official. The official said that rivalry between the committee members contributed in lingering the implementation of the project for which millions of rupees were allocated.

“In one year, the CMS committee made only one module for the system which was also very expensive,” an official said.  Students expressing concern on the cyber attack on the official website of the university sought secure measures from the administration for the safety of data.

IIUI spokesperson, Syed Hassan Aftab in his response said that default page of the IIUI website was attacked by some negative elements and the attempt to hack the website was foiled by the varsity web team within minimum time after cyber attack. He said apparently the default page was targeted by the hackers while rest of the pages of website was safe.

He said the attacked page was a static one and it did not contain any sort of sensitive data. It is informed that no confidential data was taken by hackers because IIUI's internal servers are safer and now the website is running smooth.