A man with courage and political will can create wonders. Mr. Jinnah with unwavering commitment to his cause won freedom from the British. He surmounted all hurdles created by his opponents and succeeded in his mission. Mr. Jinnah was very clear from day one that the survival of new country with extremely limited resources was in austerity and honesty. Unfortunately, his successors with different views and motives could not adopt the Quaid’s vision and fell into the temptation of bracing lavishly royal styles.  

This was not at all in line with limited means of country and hence gave way to corruption. The successors of Mr. Jinnah, with a few exceptions, were more concerned about their own popularity and wealth than introducing macro-economic strategic reforms. Later, different rulers launched superficial economy drives, but in vein. Many half-hearted efforts to cut corruption and increase economic growth failed primarily because we were spending way more on our luxurious ways than our limited means. Now we are at a point where economy is in complete disarray and the new government finds itself caught between deep sea and fire.  

Unless real drastic measures are taken against extravagance in every way of life and deep-rooted corruption, there appears to be no chance of survival. The government seems serious this time, but they would have to realize that it is a humungous task that would get resistance from the corrupt beneficiaries of the present system. It is collective responsibility of government, business community, people with affluence and ordinary citizens to do their part to save the country from this horrible situation. At the age of 94 I have seen this country go through a few ups and countless downs. It is my wish and prayer that we as nation succeed in getting out of the vicious cycle of corruption and wastage to get on the road to real prosperity. 


Islamabad, September 5.