Disappearance of the children is consider the highest issue of Pakistan and it compels everyone’s tears to come out. Moreover, in Karachi a girl at the age of 8 years she lost from 31th August yet she is lost. Like this, lots of children under the age of 6 to 17 became lost some were back and some are yet lost. According to public police 767 were missed and among them 722 were return in 2017. In 2015 1134 were lost and among them 1093 were backed. 1203 were disappeared in 2014 and among them 1185 were return. Actually, in Pakistan the children are not save at all they are mostly victim of abusing, kidnapping, laboring and etc. 

So, I request to new PM of Pakistan to save the children because they are the upcoming success of our country. 


Kech, September 5.