If you want to destroy a nation, most effective way is to pollute their education system. For a country like Pakistan, founded by men of intellect and integrity, it is shameful to earn notoriety for housing an organization Axact, which managed to sell fake degrees for almost a decade, till they were exposed in America, yet have many sympathizers in Pakistan. 

What an irony that fake PHD holders instead of being shamed and imprisoned hold prestigious public offices of repute and manage to get elected to parliament, after being given a ticket in 2018 by a political party in whom people of Pakistan have pinned many hopes. We as a nation need to self evaluate ourselves as to what has led to our moral and ethical degeneration, inspite of being majority Muslim country, whose Prophet (PBUH) advocated acquiring of education and knowledge, stressed upon human rights, justice and equal opportunities and emphasized upon integrity, tolerance, humility etc. 

The Poet Philosopher Allama Iqbal, who advocated establishment of separate homeland, did his Bachelor of Arts in 1906 from Trinity College, University of Cambridge, and was called to bar as barrister from Lincoln’s Inn. He earned Doctor of Philosophy from Ludwig Maxmillan University of Munich in 1908. Father of Nation Muhammad Ali Jinnah passed his legal exam in May of 1896, earning for himself distinction to be youngest man at 20 years to join bar at Lincoln’s Inn. While Allama died on 21 April 1938, he had laid down vision which was carried to its logical conclusion by Quaid-e-Azam MAJ. Both of them came from humble middle class families, were men of honor and integrity and created history by carving out separate country, only to be disintegrated by corrupt mediocrity at helm. 


Lahore, September 5.