It is a great pleasure, our new prime minister is now Imran Khan, who likes to change everything. The old system of Balochistan is still going on, no changes we can see yet, isn’t it the rights of Balochistan’s people to get new new things like other provinces of Pakistan. Every where in Pakistan, educational system developed, but because of no any glances on Balochistan educational system, it is going back and back, and only wasting youths lives. No one try to get education in Balochistan, their concepts made that in Balochistan it is tough to get jobs by being an educated, believing of all on governmental jobs became finished, mostly they don’t read engineering, because there is no value of engineers and no job for them. Especially, a big problem still is in same condition, that’s electricity, it is started since it came in Balochistan. Mostly, in Balochistan there is a city named, Turbat, once it became the hottest place of overall Ashea, and because of not receiving full electricity, they are in more hotness. 

Moreover, students are being disturbed in their educational lives because of not being all departments in the university of Turbat, and poor students don’t have as much money to go out of Turbat for reading their favorite subjet, after that they will be compelled to read those subjects, in which they are not interested, and then no jobs for them, hardly ever they get but as a junior clerks, after doing M.A and M.Sc, these jobs are not suitable for them. We have lots of problems but these problems must be solved, because beside Balochistan all provinces of Pakistan have got their these rights. 


Kech, September 4.