KARACHI  -  The nationalist parties’ alliance-named Sindh Action Committee (SAC) in Sindh on Wednesday rejected the construction of Kalabagh and Bhasha dams and said that they were not afraid of Article 6 to be implemented over speaking on the dams issue.

“The River Indus is the main artery of the Sindh province and they would not allow anyone to deprive them of their due water rights,” said the Sindh United Party Chief Jalal Mehmood Shah while addressing a press conference at SUP Headquarters Hyder Manzil in Karachi after chairing a meeting of nationalist parties of the province on Wednesday.

He said that they consider the construction of dam on River Indus as an attempt to destroy the economy of the Sindh province and benefit the biggest province of the country-Punjab.

“We will not accept any link, barrage or dam on the River Indus and the meeting of all parties has decided to launch a joint struggle in this regard,” he said.

He also demanded that water should be released in the river Indus from the dams so that the barren land of the Sindh province could be cultivated and a large area of the province could be saved from destruction at the hands of sea intrusion. “The federal government should compensate those who had been affected from water shortage,’ he demanded.

He also demanded that the Burmese, Bengalese, Afghanis and nationals of other countries should be provided with alien registration cards and be confined to their camps before arranging their return to their respective countries. “Those coming from other provinces should also be issued work permits in the province,” he said.

Announcing a schedule of protests and gatherings in order to raise awareness among masses over the issues, he said that a hunger strike from the Awami Tehreek would be observed at Karachi Press Club from 28-30 September followed by an APC in Hyderabad on September 30.

Jeay Sindh Mahaz would observe sit-in at Daharki followed by a protest in Larkana by JSQM (Bashir Qureshi group) on October 11. He further announced that a meeting of all parties would be convened after these events where the future strategy would be further mulled and devised.

Those who attended the meeting included leaders of JSQM, AGP, Awami Workers Party, JSQM Aresar group, Jeay Sindh Tehreek, Sindh Writers and Thinkers Forum, Awami Tehreek and other social activists.