KARACHI   -   Sindh Governor Imran Ismail on Thursday said that Almighty had given us the hearts which helped to guide us better. The honest true people always follow the voice of their hearts.

Addressing as chief guest in the World Heart Day Conference at the Dow Medical College, he said that the pure hearts weep by witnessing the injustice anywhere.

He said “Our hearts weep for the innocent Kashmiri people”. He said that people were dying in Kashmir because of non-availability of medicines for various diseases and the actual situation there would only be clear after the curfew ends.

Ismail said the country currently was being run by a person who had a heart that even when sitting in the United States, Imran Khan said Islam is the religion of my Prophet (PBUH).

He said that the Dow Medical University was doing a great job of curing cardiovascular diseases. If we continue with the same speed, prevention of this disease would be possible.

The governor said that the Indian atrocities in Kashmir had increased. He said that Premier Imran Khan was working day and night for the self-determination of Kashmiris. People should also come forward to help their Kashmiri brothers. He said that tension in the entire region would increase if India would not have a meaningful dialogue to resolve the Kashmir issue.  The Prime Minister was urging the international community in the US to convince India to give Kashmir its legitimate rights. The role of US President Trump in this regard was praiseworthy, which had brought Kashmir issue to the fore.

Talking to the media, the governor reiterated that the provision of health was the first priority of the present government. He said that the government would pay Rs 0.72 million to each patient for the treatment under Ehsaas Program however the amount would be doubled for the patients with cancer and other fatal diseases.

Responding to a question, he said that Sindh government currently was not the part of Ehsaas Program, however on the special directives of the Prime Minister, the program was initiated in a few districts of the province.

Ismail concluded that the incumbent government’s endeavor was to provide basic health facilities to the masses at their doorstep.