ISLAMABAD    -   Secretary Information Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians Dr. Nafisa Shah MNA has said that the selected Prime Minister Imran Khan is slowly pushing the country’s economy towards complete disaster. Prime Minister Imran Khan has taken Rs 35,000 billion loan in the last two years including a foreign loan of 10865 billion, Nafisa Shah said in a statement .She asked Imran Khan that where are those 200 billion dollars which he had promised to bring to the country.  The nation is asking that where is that amount? Whose ATM is filled with that money, she added. She said that even a pain killer tablet is not available in the government hospitals.  “The patients are forced to but their own thermometer. The life saving drugs are so expensive that people cannot buy them. Where is that infamous insaf health card which is a joke with the people? every passing day under this selected government is increasing difficulties for the people,”she stated.