Ghalanai    -   Residents of Bondi Kore, a backward area of Pandiali tehsil of Lower Mohmand, have constructed more than two kilometres long shingle road on self-help basis. 

According to Hazrat Umar Khan, Project Coordinator of Foundation for Rural Development (FRD), they have also formed a Village Development Committee (VDC) in Bondi Kore and jointly constructed the road.  FRD is a local based organization working in Mohmand district. 

He said that FRD was working to support the people to address food insecurity and rebuild livelihood through conditional programme under WFP-Pakistan Country Strategic plan (2018-22) through Cash Based Transfer. He said they also formed VDC in Bondi Kore comprising at least 21 members who took part in the rehabilitation of Shingle Road which links to main Ambar Shabqadar Road. 

“We have constructed Shingle Road from Bondi Kor to Danish Kool Ada, from where Ambar Road starts” said Shah Jehan, a resident of Bondi Kore. He said they hired tractor on Rs.1000 per hour and worked for at least seven hours on the road. He said they requested time and again to the local parliamentarians for the construction of road but in vain. 

Shah Jehan said they worked for 12 days and utilised all local material including mud, sand and stones for the construction of Shingle Road. 

“We also collected donations from villagers and hired, 2 tractors and 2 trucks for the construction of the road,” he said. Project Coordinator Hazrat Umar claimed that FRD had paid Rs.7500 to each participant of the Village Development Committee through Cash Based Transfer Programme of World Food Programme.