Just a week ago, a woman in my Mohallah was electrocuted while turning on a water motor in her house; she died leaving behind a grieving family. And what was the cause of electrocution? Standing barefoot in a puddle of water, while trying to turn on the electricity switch. Did she not know how dangerous water and electricity are together and the precautions that need to be followed? Or do we just like to flout basic safety precautions? I was glad to see an ad on TV that addresses the issue of electrical safety inside the house. It certainly used a strong emotional appeal to drive home the message that naked wires and use of electrical equipment in the presence of water are dangerous! Perhaps shock therapy is exactly what is needed to shake people out of their inertia so that they start taking ownership of their own and the safety of their loved ones. Perhaps this is the only way we will be able to stop the tragedies that occur inside homes with every rain.