LAHORE    -   Senior Punjab Minister Abdul Aleem Khan has said that Prime Minister Imran Khan’s address to the UN General Assembly is an expression of national aspirations and a reflection of prevailing requirements which would go down as a milestone in history. Senior Minister Abdul Aleem Khan remarked that once again Imran Khan has proved his abilities to represent Pakistan in the international arena as he bravely raised the issue of Kashmir. Aleem claimed that that Imran Khan has emerged as a global leader, a fact which is being acknowledged by others. 

Abdul Aleem Khan said that Pakistan’s position on important national issues has been presented in the best possible way, which has once again caused India to face severe humiliation, while on the other hand, Turkey, China and other countries are vocally showing their support for Pakistan. Senior Minister Abdul Aleem Khan said that everyone appreciates Imran Khan’s resolve and courage which he has shown being an advocate for developing countries at the United Nation. 

He said that Prime Minister Imran Khan’s efforts are improving Pakistan’s image at international level. 

Abdul Aleem said that in his speech, Imran Khan has covered national and international issues in an efficient manner which is being appreciated at wide scale. 

He said that Imran Khan’s leadership abilities have come to the forefront in his address to the General Assembly and his stance is being lauded in the political and diplomatic circles. Aleem further said that by highlighting money laundering, debts and other issues as well as COVID-19 and other achievements, Prime Minister Imran Khan has painted a positive picture of the beloved homeland which will show a better image to Pakistan in the comity of nations.