The Pakistani government decided to reopen educational institutes after a six months break. People enthusiastically reacted to the news as students’ education gravely suffered due to the long break along with perturbing the parents. But this return to normalcy does not mean that the emergency has been reigned in. In fact, new challenges have emerged which requires the administration of educational institutions, particularly junior schools to be more vigilant and considerate. The parents are in the doldrums. They send their children to study with heavy hearts because they know that pandemic has not completely disappeared, and the possibility exists that their kids may catch a disease. On the other hand, they cannot compromise the future of their offspring by not allowing them to attend schools. This scenario demands that the schools’ authorities handle the situation with compassion and keep the parents updated by giving the parents and children sessions as to make them develop their belief that they are properly taken care of and adequate measures have been taken for their safety. It would relieve their mental stress and help them in adjusting to the reality of studying in a pandemic. Parents are likely to be less stressed when they see their children in a better mental state.