Tourism is considered to be the largest and most diverse business sector in the world where tourists spend money on hotels, food and entertainment, it is also an important source of income and thus greatly enhances the social and economic sectors of the country. Moreover, when gauging tourism, all kinds of visitors are considered, not only traditional but also religious tourists are important. With over 600 million people traveling worldwide annually, tourism is the world's largest industry.

When word tourism comes to mind, one’s mind automatically starts to wander from hills to plains, historical sites to religious ones, not only this but you start imagining the food and facilities of a particular area. Just like other marvels, Pakistan has so much to offer in this sector that you cannot count number of sites on fingertips. It would not be wrong to say that Punjab is the hub of cultures, rich in traditions and deeply rooted in history. So why not celebrate this auspicious day!

There are tourism sectors around the world that rely on their heritage and take interesting steps for tourists both local and foreign. Similarly, the Tourism Department, Government of Punjab under the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan and Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar has taken revolutionary steps for the furtherance of tourism sector in providing awareness to the citizens and individuals. Be it, an archaeological site or something related to adventure tourism, these outings have become essential in our busy lives. As it is rightly said, "We wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfilment." 

Tourism Department Punjab is working tirelessly on archaeological sites, museums, galleries and basic public facilities, as well as the restoration of the sites in their original form is in full swing.

Introduction of online portal for tourists, licenses for hotel owners and hotel rating system, online grievance cell and universal helpline has placed the tourism industry on the path of innovation in Punjab. Most of the people even those who are interested in sightseeing know very little that there are 511 tourist sites in the province. So the Tourism Department has made these sites available to general public through a regular mobile application. Now you can find out the location and route of your interest with just one click.

Similarly, archaeological sites are more popular in Punjab and the plan to make these places attractive by illuminating them at night is in the final stages of completion while most places like Hiran Minar and Shalimar Gardens have been made more attractive with the help of local district administration.

Moreover, plan to provide the best and basic facilities to sites are also in the process of completion and are being shared with other sectors in this regard so that they can be improved in all respects. The teams have worked so hard and enthusiastically and the routes to get there have been finalized, photos and videos of these places as well as documentaries have been made. Most importantly, they are available on the mobile application. Of these, 186 are religious, 135 are heritage and 161 are cultural sites that are now attracting the general public as well as international tourists. So now a visit is due to all of these sites!

On this World Tourism Day, remain optimistic that the travel and tourism industry will re-emerge stronger and more sustainable. And if you’re inspired to plan your next trip start traveling within Punjab.