Indian film industry is virtually ruling the silver screens around the world and presents a glamorous picture of their country through this media. Once an Arab friend of mine asked me "How come the beauties that we see in the Indian movies are nowhere to be seen in actual life. In real life, they are dark, short and far from beautiful". Similarly India is often depicted as an advanced country with all the modern amenities a developed country can boast of. I was lucky to have seen the Oscar award winning movie Slumdog millionaire, an excellent reflection of the 'Shining India'. Mumbai, their tinsel town, was shown in its real colour and flavour in this movie. I am sure the people around the world too must have enjoyed it. It should also work as an eye-opener for those Pakistanis who always rate India as superior to their own country. -DR SHAHID QAYYUM, Lahore, via e-mail, April 17.