PRESIDENT Asif Zardari told PTV during a pre-visit interview that the USA should not ask Pakistan to do more, but the two countries should get together, strengthen each other, and achieve more. This was virtually in response to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's statement in the course of an interview with Fox News channel, that the USA had concerns about what would happen if the Pakistan government, which she said appeared stable for now, was to falter. She said this concern was because the USA feared that victorious Taliban might gain control of Pakistan's nuclear weapons. She said that the USA could not allow this, and thus was 'pushing so hard for Pakistanis to come together around a strategy to take their country back.' If Secretary Clinton is sincere, she should listen to President Zardari, who will have the opportunity during his forthcoming US visit, to tell her that the US policies in the region do not enable the achievement of US goals, let alone Pakistani. Secretary Clinton has revealed the abiding fear the USA has of the Taliban, or their Al-Qaeda allies, getting a nuclear weapon, and also the fear that this will be a Pakistani weapon. The President's message of achieving more is coming at the right time, because the policies provided by the Bush Administration have not proved to have achieved anything for the USA, which under President Obama, is not noticeably safer than before. In particular, its drone attacks in the tribal belt, have not achieved anything beyond making the tribes more anti-American and more inclined to a violent reaction. It should be noted that the US concern over the safety of Pakistani nuclear weapons has its origins in baseless Indian propaganda about them. This revival of this baseless charge by a personality no less than the US Secretary of State should thus be taken very seriously by the team preparing the President for the US visit. The solution to be offered is that of a mutuality of interests. If Pakistan is to resist terror, the USA must provide it the means with which to do so, such as sophisticated weapons. At the moment, these are not being provided, and Pakistan has been engaged in the War on Terror because it has been a victim of militancy, facing bomb blasts almost every day. The President also spoke of the Friends of Democratic Pakistan initiative. That provides further proof that the West is only helping Pakistan because it is helping in the War, not because it deserves to be helped. If it had not been for the War, Pakistan would have been left to face the current global economic crisis on its own.