LAHORE - Coward, careless, irresponsible, indifferent, liars, lethargic and apathetic are a few adjectives aptly describing the failed Punjab police, which let a handful of terrorists play with Pakistans fate as a cricket-playing nation on March 3 this year, when the Sri Lankan team was attacked, despite reports about RAWs attacks on the visiting team. Above is the gist of the inquiry report - conducted into the terrorist attack on the Lankans - in which all the concerned police officers and officials have been found guilty on more than one account, while being only good at passing the buck, which virtually left a Sub-Inspector as the senior most 'officer on duty and responsible when cops from the Provincial Police Officers to the constable left no stone unturned in proving themselves innocent. It has been seen that orders and plans were transmitted from the PPO to the Additional SHO sans considering the sensitivity of the issue and their implementation, while security plans were accomplished on paper only, as there was no adequate security arrangements on ground. They remained in deep slumber despite repeated reports about the possible attacks on the visiting cricket team, which showed that the police considered it as a routine affair. Moreover, the policemen failed in envisaging the circumstances and challenges confronting Pakistan, and instead relegated themselves to a matter-of-routine situation, while running boogie-cum-fake messages of route clearance from their comfort zones even when the routine deployment of the force had not been made on the route. Even, those who reached the scene, preferred either to flee from there or act as helpless spectators exhibiting the highest degree of cowardice and lowest level failure. Instead of leading from the front, the top cops did not reach the scene of occurrence in time, even after they had not checked the deployment of the force, as per the requirement. They only became visible and audible (on TV channels) after the incident, though their presence on road or at least in their offices, would have definitely made a lot of difference. On the other hand, glaring contradictions were found in their statements, and their documents produced to save their skins and put the onus on others. It has been further observed that quite a few of them, despite being PSPs, are not fit for field job because they seriously fall short of commanding a force in uniform. According to the report, conspicuous lapses were found on the part of the police and civil bureaucracy. It has been observed that Home Secretary Nadeem Hassan Asif should have played more proactive role, especially after reports were pouring in from all concerned departments and agencies about the terrorist threats. However, he did not keep any contact with the police officers after January 16, and the gap till March 1 was crucial. Secondly, PPO Khawaja Khalid Farooq remained officious, casual and non-committal, and did not act as a commander of the force. CCPO Lahore Police on the ill-fated day Haji Habib-ur-Rehman, instead of leading the force, preferred to leave everything to the concerned SPs and DIG Operations Amjad Javed Saleemi, who made contradictory statements before the Tribunal and did not have the courage to say the truth. By his conduct and performance, he proved to be totally unfit for any field/operation duty, avers the report about Saleemi under whose direct purview fell Lankans security. SSP Operations Ch Shafique Ahmed has been considered to be on French Leave, while his documents for medical leave are contradictory as his application mentioned that he had backache, while hospital observation was that he was suffering from gastroenteritis. AIG Mirza Muhammad Yasin and SSP Special Branch Aamer Zulfiqar did not rise to the occasion, as the later went on leave, while the former fell short of doing his duty properly. SPs Muhammad Ahsan Younas (declared unfit for sensitive duty), Babar Bakhat Qureshi (did not check his mobile squad), Muhammad Abid Khan and Rai Ijaz Ahmed remained absent from the field. Khan made phoney calls for clearance of the route and wilfully failing in performing his duties, while Rai made false statements to the Tribunal and did not obey orders of his seniors. Unfortunately, police officials in vehicles also showed lack of courage and acted cowardly. They wilfully avoided to fire upon or to combat the terrorists. Probably, this would not have happened if their Commanders were on ground and connected with them physically or on wireless, says the report. It has been suggested to the government for evaluating its officers worth first and only then put them on such sensitive and dangerous tasks. Secondly, the Home Department must ensure that guidelines provided to it are put in the security plan and are also implemented. A retired police officer is the opinion that after the inquiry, only the minnows of the department would be punished, while real culprits (read seniors) would be given a clean by their other seniors.