LAHORE-In the aftermath of fresh move by foreign powers and establishment seeking PML-N-PPP coalition in Centre and Punjab, PML-N is facing a tangible split in its ranks and file as most of the staunch party leaders have advised leadership to join the Federal govt to protect the interests of Pakistan while others have advocated for solo flight while supporting the PPP in Centre to help it combat all challenges, specially Talibanisation, dangling as lethal threat to the country. According to well-placed sources, the differences surfaced during the recent PML-N Central Working Committee (CWC) meeting chaired by Nawaz Sharif. A number of party loyalists tried to convince Nawaz Sharif, to heed to the voices of Obama and Brown administrations that eagerly want an alliance between PML-N and PPP in Centre as well as Punjab to deal with the internal and external crisis, the sources maintained. Even some party leaders suggested Sharifs to forget issues like Charter of Democracy (COD), 17th Amendment and 58(2)B and cooperate with PPP for the time being to focus fully on war on terror and Talibanisation which was a real threat to countrys survival. Other like-minded also gave a piece of advice to party leadership 'if we do not join each other, God forbid, Pakistan may lose its existence, which could neither be in favour of the PPP nor the PML-N. They said that PML-N must step up its effort for the survival of the country by joining the PPP in Centre, sources added. However, dissidents of ideology of PPP-PML-N alliance in the Centre, recommended that rejoining would bring nothing but discredit to the party. They said that PPP had proved to be a failure to fetch the country out of problems and if PML-N joins them at this time latter would merely share formers failure. They also argued that one of the major reasons that they oppose the rejoining was the mindset of the PPP that did not allow even its partners to become part of decision making process. During the erstwhile coalition between PML-N and PPP, it could be proved very easily that PPP did not take PML-N on board while making major decisions. Quoting the phrase 'burnt child dread fire, they said that past bitter experience discourage us to refrain from doing another adventure by joining hands with the PPP in Centre as it would soon turn into misadventure, they said. They further said 'if both of us, being partner in alliance, fail to deliver that is 100 per cent sure due to volatile attitude of PPP under the aegis of its President Asif Ali Zardari, people would be disappointed from both of us that would create a political vacuum. They maintained that such a situation would pave way for the return of dictatorship once again. Hence they suggested Sharifs to let the PPP meet its failure and wait for its turn to rule the country to deal with all crisis, even the advancement of Taliban. It may be recalled that foreign powers set the ball in motion for PPP-PML-N coalition in Centre and Punjab when US special envoy Richard Halbrooke and PML-N chief Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif held a meeting at US Embassy in Islamabad. Other foreign allies also supported the move and stepped up their endeavors on different platforms. Recently, when PML-N President and Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif visited UK and called on Foreign Secretary David Miliband, he was strictly pressed to rejoin the Federal govt to create unity to fight against all threats posed to Pakistan. The 7-member Congressmen group of the US who called on PML-N chief Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif at his residence three days back at Raiwind conveyed a special message and desire of US President Barack Obama that he wanted both PPP and PML-N united as coalition partner to create better concentration against war on terror and Talibanisation.