LAHORE - UBL Fund Managers has announced the launch of its second principal protected product, UBL Principal Protected Plan-II (UPPP-II) for its individual and institutional clients. The plan will be open for subscription from April 27 till May 9, 2009. UPPP-II is the second offering of the UBL Principal Protected Plan Series launched by UBL Fund Managers; the first plan (UPPP - I) was launched in July 2008. Both plans are based on the globally used 'CPPI investment methodology introduced for the first time in Pakistan by UBL Fund Managers. UPPP-II provides greater value compared to other capital protected products available in Pakistan as it can invest up to 100 per cent in equity and at the same time provides principal protection at maturity. The 'Constant Proportion Portfolio Insurance or 'CPPI is a dynamic asset allocation strategy used by leading investment management companies worldwide. The methodology provides investors with an opportunity to participate in the upside offered by the stock market while protecting their principal at the maturity of the plan by reallocating the plans assets between equity and fixed-income on a daily basis based on the performance of the equity component of the plan. The plan gets its equity exposure through investment in United Stock Advantage Fund (USF) - '4 Star Rated Fund (by JCR-VIS) managed by UBL Fund Managers.