ISLAMABAD - The deplorable condition of government schools can be judged by the fact that administration of a girls school situated in the suburbs of Capital is forcing parents to bring some material goods in order to get their kids admitted in the school. According to the sources, administration of F.G Girls Middle Model School Shahzad Town, a suburban area of Islamabad, demands material goods from the parents, when they bring their children to get admission in the school. They are asking them to bring chairs, fans, cooler or any other item they wish to buy for the school, source added while seeking anonymity. It was also revealed that administration of school has done most of the developmental work with the help of parents. They said that the unfair demands of school administration have put the future of children at stake, as poor people of the said area cannot afford to meet such odd orders. When Principal of the F.G Girls Middle Model School, Madam Perveen Akhtar was contacted to comment on the issue, she said, We are not forcing parents for material goods. In fact, we are just requesting them to contribute according to their affordability for improving the school condition, she added. Due to shortage of founds, we are not able to buy furniture for the school and request from those who voluntarily contribute in the development process of school but do not pressurise those parent who cannot afford it. She said that well-off parents often helped the school to maintain school expenditures after realising financial crises have hit the institution. She maintained that some 400 chairs have been provided to the school by the children parents. To a question regarding financial support of government, she informed that we have applied for funds and hopefully soon we could get enough amount required for the school. She said that the administration is accommodating students in the school beyond its capacity as some 80 students are sitting in on classroom owing to shortage of rooms while the school is also facing furniture shortage. Unfortunately, most of the private schools of the twin cities are charging hefty amounts that usually pushed the poor parents towards government educational institutions but the unjust demands of public schools are now forcing parents to get their kids out of schools and put them in some type of child labour so that they can earn some livelihood for their families, an educational expert lamented while talking to TheNation. As far as condition of girl schools is concerned, the Pakistan School Statistics (2006-7) revealed that in Punjab alone, there are 5,085 girls primary schools without lavatories, 5,000 schools without drinking water, 14,000 lack electricity, 4,000 do not have a boundary wall. An additional 32,000 school buildings need (minor or major) repairs or have been declared dangerous.