I am forced write to you because the National Assembly has passed the Nizam-e-Adal Regulation. Frankly speaking I could not understand how our government could compromise with these hardened terrorists who are playing havoc with the country. How can one expect them to do justice when they are themselves involved in all types of criminal activities, even heinous crimes. Taliban are famous for backing out of their word. They have broken every agreement they made. Just one day after the deal, Taliban have violated the agreement by first refusing to surrender their weapons to the government and second, by not allowing the girls' schools to function again. What do you expect from people who are not even educated in the Islamic law they propose to enforce? In a TV interview the other day, Haji Muslim Khan, the Taliban spokesman said that if Qazi courts allowed women's education, then girls' schools will be allowed. I say if Prophet Muhammad (SAW) allowed it 1400 years ago, who are these Qazi courts or Taliban to disallow it? Do we need any permission from them? The Taliban school of thought is totally un-Islamic and inhuman. I appeal to the people of Pakistan to rise against Taliban just as they did in case of Justice Iftikhar to root out the menace of terrorism from our country. -IJAZ TABASSUM, Kualalumpur, via e-mail, April 15.