Lawyers of Pakistan had won a hard fought battle with the rulers and finally managed to achieve a successful restoration of CJ. The question whether the battle was for the independence of judiciary or restoration of CJ still needs to be answered. In due course, lawyers have learned and adopted a new course of boycotting and suspending all court proceedings in line with their protests. I wonder if they gave the slightest thought to thousands of people whose cases are still pending in courts undecided due to these recurrent strikes. Recently when the incident of killing of BNF leaders took place in Balochistan, lawyers once again boycotted the court proceedings in protest. Are the afflicted people with pending cases responsible for those killings? If not then why should they suffer? The profession demands much more responsibility and accountability from lawyers than they are able to show. Lawyers might have got the justice they wanted by having their favourite CJ restored but the poor masses certainly have not. -ALI AMMAR, Karachi, via e-mail, April 17.