LAHORE - Legislation is needed to back the governments energy conservation plan with maximum electricity consumption limit on each household in posh areas and government residences where electricity consumed in one household is more than that of 10 average families. The rich who are financially sound may be able to pay Rs 100,000 electricity bill per month against the consumption but the State in view of shortage of electricity cannot allow such a person to consume the power share of about 50 families. The Article 25 of the Constitution is against discriminatory consumption of a public resource such as electricity without putting a maximum usage bar on it because a resource that is short in supply cannot be left at the mercy of the 10 per cent population of the country. In 10 per cent people elite and upper class citizens having capacity to pay electricity bills are utilising electricity more than rest of the 90 per cent population put together. In a survey conducted by The Nation on Tuesday it transpired that in posh residential areas across the country per month domestic payable bills amount to Rs 50,000 to Rs 100,000 and the same is the case of government residences for high officials who use electricity carelessly as there is no limit on their usage besides the officials do not have to pay the bills from their pocket. Citizens told The Nation that governments energy conservation plan is an appreciable step and it should be expanded further on the same lines by putting restriction on maximum power consumption per month for domestic consumers in a bid to control power crisis that has crippled the country. Early closure of shops, markets and restrictions on the use of air conditioners before 11am in offices will help save power but the government may take new initiatives by legislating on the consumption of electricity. The crisis is basically a outcome of the electricitys years long misuse, mismanagement and loose policy control on consumption and distribution for each sector including domestic, agriculture, and commercial or industrial. It has been learnt that massive power usage in posh areas, government departments, official residences and markets is responsible for electricity crisis. According to Pepco, the energy conservation plan will save 603MW but if a limit is put on maximum usage of electricity almost double of it (2100 MW) will be saved. No family or household in the country should be permitted to consume more than 1,000 units per month. If any family crosses that it should be charged Rs 50 or Rs 100 per unit to curb unnecessary usage. The electricity demand in the country is 14,661MW, while the production is 10,740MW. Hydel production is contributing 2,913MW currently, thermal generation 2,573MW, while independent power producers are generating 5,254MW. The general public at large agrees to the view that the power outage across the country will decrease with the prime ministers energy conservation plan. People and traders are cooperating with the government and questions remain whether government officials back the governments energy saving plan by cutting the usage of electricity.