ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has declined to allow 24 out of 34 FM Radios to broadcast BBC Urdu news, TheNation has learnt reliably. When contacted by this scribe, Chairman PEMRA Malik Mushtaq lost temperament for publication of news reports in TheNation about the latest scenario of electronic media in Pakistan. Later on, he perhaps realised and said whosoever was not registered with PEMRA had been disallowed. It was learnt that 24 FM partner Channels have not been given written approval for its five minutes news bulletin. It may be mentioned here that recently PEMRA blocked some English channels on the cable TV, sparing some of the Indian channels. Earlier, the PEMRA claimed that it had closed all foreign channels including Indians, which were not having local license. PEMRA has blocked all unlicensed channels in a bid to create space for licensee channels.