A spokesman of the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), one Mr Syed Wasim-ud-Din has said that the banks will be open every Saturday despite a holiday in order to collect utility bills. This despite the fact that government has announced a weekly holiday on Saturday in addition to Sunday to save electricity. It appears the countrys central bank is not willing to accept decision of the government nor bothered unduly about the desired national objective of conserving energy. The spokesman said any financial institution could call their staff on Saturday for the purpose of official work. That means every branch of a bank would keep utilizing high loads of electricity to run the air conditioners and lights that they used to do before announcement of two weekly holidays. That effectively kills the whole purpose of the measure taken by government. There is a question, though, that why cant we train our people to follow a little more disciplined lifestyle? Consumers must be trained to deposit their utility bills in time. The working hours have already been increased for banks. I see no reason why utility bills cannot be submitted in banks in the elongated working hours of the other days of week? The State Bank of Pakistan is literally making a mockery of the govt initiative and seems intent upon failing the national energy conservation plan. -DR. KASHIF IMTIAZ, Gujranwala, April 26.